Sunday, September 14, 2014

All's Well That Ends Well...or Continues?

“Parting is such sweet sorrow,” wrote William Shakespeare.

And so it is that after more than two years, more than 400 posts, and just shy of 100,000 hits (and with a degree of sorrow) we must, alas, say farewell. 

The Southwest Washington Stage and Theater Arts Review blog has faithfully served the local theater public over the course of many exciting seasons. 


It has now come time for us to move on from the area. But, like so many good things do, our popular coverage need not come to an end. In fact, we don’t want it to. Possibly YOU will be the one to keep that from happening.

We’re looking for someone to take over for us. All you need is the tenacity to stick with it, reasonable writing skills and a love and understanding of theater arts.

Our blog is now at the place where it can and should bring in a small income. Traffic to the site is regular and our patrons are faithful. The likelihood of continued growth is high and ad sponsorship is certainly a strong possibility.

You won’t likely become rich, but could earn a small supplementary income and you most certainly will see a LOT of theater. (What a joy!) However, we suggest that you take it on simply for the love of it.

Here’s a profile of the person we’re looking for (and, if this is you, please contact us or share with others who might fit the bill):

  • You can write well
  • You love theater
  • You have theatrical experience (both on stage and behind the scenes)
  • You are not so involved in production that you are not available to review shows*
  • You are committed

You need not have blogging experience because we will train (it’s easy). We do not wish to see our service to the community end and neither does the community that has come to rely on us for objective reviews. So, DO consider the opportunity.

If you are interested, or think you know of someone who might be, please contact us soon as we are leaving BY the end of September, just prior to a barrage of openings to review.

In closing, we both say a hearty thank you patrons and producers alike for your strong and encouraging support.

Greg and Ruth Zschomler

*These tend to bunch up with the beginning of each season. Several shows do tend to open up at the same time. We generally see two to three shows a week for two weeks followed by a lull each fall, winter and spring. Between times we have enjoyed doing artist profiles, coming show announcements, and other bits of related news to keep things fresh and rolling.

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