Thursday, August 7, 2014

Longview's Theater Sign Lights Up the Night

The new SWNW marquee goes up.
Stageworks Northwest (SWNW) continues to improve their theater space in downtown Longview, Wash. After months and months of work inside and out, new paint (and waiting), the new marquee arrived, was put up and, last night (Wed. Aug. 6, 2014), was lit up for the first time.

The new signage pays homage to the original motion picture theater's marquee that was originally housed in the building with a few modifications. The new sign includes the theater company's name.

The lighting ceremony featured musical performances from some of SWNW's recent shows sung by the players. Songs from 'The Secret Garden', 'The Great American Trailer Park Musical', and '9 to 5 The Musical' were performed.

SWNW players perform below their new marquee.
More than a year ago Stageworks Northwest purchased the building and has been renovating it since. It opened as a work in progress last year and there are still a number of refurbishment and improvement projects to go.

There are challenges to the space, such as no backstage area. Dressing rooms are in the balcony as are the restrooms. But these issues will be overcome in time.

For now there is much to celebrate--a theater, with its own space, is thriving in Southwest Washington!

You may view the ceremonial countdown and lighting video here:

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