Thursday, June 5, 2014

AUDITIIONS: Why You Didn't Get the Part

Here's the opener to an article of interest:

"A few days ago, I had two conversations almost back-to-back. One was with an experienced and talented actor who believed they were getting the message that their career was over just because they were in a dry spell. 

The other was with yet another Bay Area actor whose career had stalled the minute they went AEA. While we talked about the many reasons why that happens, this actor said to me, “I want to see if I’m good enough to be an AEA actor.

"And my heart just broke because, as someone whose life is always on the other side of the table, I know how seldom casting is purely about who’s “good.” I hate that experienced, talented actors can see whether or not they get cast as a measure of their intrinsic worth as actors.

"So here you go, actors of the world. The pure, unvarnished truth about why you didn’t get the role..."

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