Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Are Committed to Bringing Our Public Honest Reviews

We at the SWWASTAR blog are committed to our public. We will always continue to bring you honest reviews as we see them. You should know we will never kowtow to the theater companies in order to appease them with our "take" on things.

That, unfortunately, means that some have and will refuse us comp tickets due to what they might consider an occasional bad review or opinion. Without these passes we will be unable to review their shows. (Therefore, you will likely notice the disappearance of some companys' show reviews in our posts.) We are sorry.

Is everything perfect? No. But you need to know that. Often we are full of praise--but it is always merited praise. Sometimes things are flawed (as we see it through the filter of more than 40 years of experience), and you need to know that, too. Most of you can't go to every show that opens, so you need to know where your entertainment dollars are best spent.

We can't like everything we see, just because the companies would like us to. Otherwise what service would we be to you? The companies need to realize that any press is good press, too. They forget that what we have to say is just our opinion--just like any other review publication. The "big boys" know this and have developed the "thick skin" to take it, when it happens.

In the future, we would like to be able to review shows that wouldn't otherwise have us by purchasing our tickets. But, for now, we do not have the budget to do so. In the meantime be assured that will always follow the ethics of good journalism.

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  1. From a respected local theater veteran: "...don't they understand the concept of a review? Cant all be kisses LOL."