Monday, November 25, 2013

Jumpstart Vancouver's Performing Arts

Wouldn't it be nice?
We all want a Vancouver Performing Arts Center, so that's what we say. That's not something that will happen because of wishful thinking. There will need to be PROOF that we actually need one--and action. Well, the time to take action is now!

A performing arts center will arise out of NEED. And a few small theater companies struggling to find a home just isn't enough to show that need. It's time to stop whining and make a show! There needs to be "proof in the pudding" so to speak.

It's All About Space

Yes, the space needs to accommodate everyone. We need a large space (3,200 seats), a small space (maybe 300 seats) and a black box space (seating a hundred or so) housed together with rehearsal space as well. That should make a place for everyone. BUT, the problem (besides funding) is that no one is attempting large enough shows to make the cornerstone space (the large theater) viable.

Well, there are the efforts of WHITE TIGER ENTERPRISES, LLC, a new arts company consisting of two production companies (Balding Eagle Productions and Little One Music and Theatrical), attempting a first-class, full-scale original musical known as THIS CHILD.

THIS CHILD is the kind of professional production that screams BIG THEATER. It may be the first of such attempts in the city (since Peanut Gallery many years ago). It is certainly the kind of thing we have moved away from in order to manage budgets and turn a profit. Rather than fold up the tent and pack it all in, we've scaled back and played our cards close to the table. And our city has suffered for it. We are stepping backward rather than moving forward, my friends. That's NOT going to make things happen.

Ready to Launch

We need to step up to the launching pad! White Tiger Enterprises is attempting to do just that. They exist to build the rocket that will take us to the moon and beyond. Supporting that mission will launch our city into the cosmos. No longer will we be comfortable merely maintaining low altitude orbit, always in fear that we will decay into the atmosphere and burn. We will reach for the stars!

Your support of the THIS CHILD production project will launch us into a new age. The production and success of this project will build the infrastructure for other projects of this nature. That is the design and goal of White Tiger. It doesn't stop with a single production; it opens the door for many more. AND it paves the way to the stars--to our own Vancouver Performing Arts Center.

It all HAS to begin with something...with someone...and YOU can be a part of making it happen.

It can happen now, if you will believe and ACT. Your support of THIS CHILD is support for a Vancouver Performing Arts Center. Think about it...and ACT today by supporting the THIS CHILD Kickstarter campaign...before it's too late.

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