Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creativity and Commerce Event Was Eyeopening

I have to say that tonight's Creativity and Commerce event at Kiggins Theater was eyeopening in many ways.

First of all, the CVI (Creative Vitality Index) information was encouraging and interesting. The presenters and panelists, too, enthralling and encouraging.

Second, more people should have been there. And the fact that there weren't many also says something. Probably less than 100 people in attendance and none of them, to my knowledge, were our local politicians (again).

Thirdly, it was stated that we have been talking about a Performing Arts Center here in Vancouver for twenty-five years now and it doesn't look any closer to me now than it did then. It is going to take more than talk and lobbying--someone's going to have to come forth with the money.

Fourthly, there were some awesome performances--a clarinet duet and some soloist singing bits form MPAA's Le Miz.

All in all a good evening of mixed thoughts.

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