Friday, May 3, 2013

REVIEW: Golden Garter Family Theater's "A Magical Melodrama" is a Magical Delight

“A Magical Melodrama” the comedy-spoof, magic-themed, melodrama presented by Golden Garter Family Comedy Theater opened last night for a three weekend run.

It’s been three years since the last production of this popular show and due to numerous requests from regular customers and patrons the show is returning to SW Washington, complete with magical illusions and a script loaded with local humor. Billed as "appropriate for all ages from 4 to 104" (my 14 year-old found it amusing), “A Magical Melodrama” follows the exploits of a young magician as he must clear his name after an older evil magician tricks him into taking over his name, reputation…and countless warrants for his arrest.

One Enchanted Evening

In a day when many theaters in SW Washington seem to want offer more angst, grit, darkness, edginess and what they call "meat," it's nice to be able to go to the theater and just be amused with good family fun. Bravo Golden Garter and Steve Taylor productions! And thank you.

Come and cheer the hero, boo the villain and help the cast advance the plot in this interactive comedy theater. And don’t be afraid to bring the kids, teens and grandparents as this show is “clean enough for kids,” yet “clever enough for adults!” Yay, it's pretty corny at times, but melodrama is supposed to be over the top, and it's good, clean laughs you won't feel guilty about.

One Magical Cast

The cast includes Darlene Taylor, David Roberts, Chrys Bignall, Marysa Lattiak, Duane Peterson, Karianne Morley and Jenna Bignall with writer-director Steve Taylor also joining in during the oleo.

Roberts, as the villain, is perfectly oily and rubber-faced. Comedy seems to suit him well and you could tell he was having fun. He was even quick with a few comeback to hecklers. Lattiak is at home in melodrama (this isn't her first) and seems to have the genre down. She's willing to go the extra mile and be self-deprecating. Morley, a Junior at Prairie High School (and part of Prairie-Ground Drama) had too small a role for her talent, but she gave it 100%. Everyone was good and those mentioned especially impressed me, HOWEVER...

It was Chrys Bignall who really made the show for me. He was simply charming as the hero and a mighty fine performer. The thing is this was his first role with Golden Garter (maybe melodrama) and he was ideal. You could almost hear the ding and see the glistening flash when he smiled.

One Charming Time

The melodrama runs about an hour and a half and, after a twenty minute intermission there is a twenty minute oleo (Yiddish for "stew" meaning all the extras). Stick around for the funny songs, corny jokes and some amusing ventriloquism from the delightful, always entertaining Steve Taylor.

The original production (written and directed by magician and entertainer Steve Taylor) plays 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday nights; 2 p.m., Sundays through May 19 at Love Street Playhouse, 126 Love Ave., Woodland Wash.

Advance tickets are $12 per person (available now at and tickets at the door will be $15 for all ages.

Be sure and make room in your schedule for some good entertainment and take the kids--the whole family will enjoy themselves. I know I did.

Review by Gregory E. Zschomler

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  1. My apologies for those that read the early post for the name confusion. Thanks Dave for bring it to my attention. I was delirious from laughing when I wrote it.