Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SW WA STAR Blog Hitting it Big Time

What's Happening

Have you read our recent reviews of "Camelot" (Rising Star), "Harvey" (Love Street) and "The Secret Garden" (NW Stageworks)? The NW Stageworks review is approaching 120 page views. "Harvey" closes after this weekend, so read our review and go see it. It is not to be missed.

This week Dennis will review opening night of Magenta's "Shadowlands" and next week both Dennis and I are VERY excited about reviewing NHCC's Northwest debut production of Disney's TARZAN in Eugene, Ore.

The following week I review Prairie-Ground's "Once Upon a Mattress." Coming in June, just after we review Serendipity's "Fuddy Meers" and LCC's "Cloud 9," we review three plays (including "A Streetcar Named Desire") at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival, too!

What's History

Time flies and its been just two years ago that we put this little blog together to fill the need for press coverage of the SW Washington theater scene. By the end of our first month we had 913 hits, in April of that year we had 1,529. A level which held rather consistently for the next four months.

A picture of Dennis at the keyboard. ;)
Then, for three months, we had an average page view count of around 2,000, after which we ran above 3,400 per month closing out 2012 and opening 2013. Last month (Mar. 2013) our count was just shy of 3,000 (but the season hadn't yet kicked in). At mid-month this month we have already reached 1,770 with three shows left to review before month's end.

Our total page view count is now over 31,000 and we expect to hit 50,000 by summer's end.

Most of our reviews garner 250+ hits by the time the show's run is complete, so patrons are visiting our blog to make theater-going decisions  Our all-time most read post was the review of Prairie-Ground's "Get Smart" with 634 page views, though CCT's "Footloose" was a contender with 430 hits for the pre-show promo and 417 for the review (total 847). Prairie-Ground comes in third with 429 hits for "Singing in the Rain." Reviews for Evergreen H.S., Clark College and Love Street Playhouse have also topped the list.

The posts that get the most views have three things in common: 1) They have lots of pictures, 2) They are mostly positive reviews, and 3) They get shared via social media.

What Helps

But remember, we don't only do reviews; we do audition notices, theater news, artist profiles, announce classes and camps, and more.

You keep us supplied with news and you get seen!

COMING SOON: (June) we will have an Artist Profile piece on Mark and Linda Owsley you won't want to miss!

How You Can Help Us Help You: 

  • You can help promote your shows, our blog and the SW Washington Theater scene by sharing direct links of our blog posts on your website, Twitter or Facebook pages (as the big hitters have). 
  • You can remind audiences of our blog during pre-show (as does Melinda at Love Street). 
  • You can stock our promo cards at your theater.

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