Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DEBATE: What Makes a Theater Presentation a SW Washington Theater Production?

I (Greg) posed the questions:

Is it still SW Washington theater if you have a token resident in the show? Or is it Portland theater presented in a Vancouver venue? Would I be covering Vancouver theater if the play was in Portland and all the players were from Vancouver? Hmm, I have to think this over. Where are my coverage boundaries and loyalties?

I got the following responses:

"Greg, I wouldn't presume to speak for another theater, but my opinion is that if the producing theater company is in SW WA, then it's a SW WA production. I know that when I'm casting a show, I don't look at the address on the resumes, but for the person I think is best for the role. I understand the perspective that we have many fine actors in this area and that we don't 'need' to import actors from across the river. But another way of looking at this is that Vancouver theater has reached a stage where we're attracting actors from a larger and larger area. That has to be a good thing, yes?" (Serendipity Players)

"Is a basketball team local if all the players live or are recruited out of the city? Magenta does not discriminate on where our actors come from as long as they can make the commitment. As you know Greg, the actors on stage only make up a small part of what goes into a show produced by many local talents." (Dave Roberts, Magenta Theater)

Interesting thoughts. Are there others who wish to chime in? My perspective is that if I wanted to see Portland talent, I would go to Portland.

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