Thursday, February 14, 2013

Comedy "The Cemetery Club" Opens Friday at Vancouver's Magenta Theater

Magenta Theater presents Ivan Menchell's "The Cemetery Club" as their first production of their 2013 Season. 

Three East Coast Jewish widows meet once a month for tea before going to visit their husbands' graves. Ida is sweet tempered and ready to begin a new life, Lucille is a feisty embodiment of the girl who just wants to have fun, and Doris is a master at one-liners. But all this starts to change when Sam the butcher visits his wife's grave and bumps into the threesome. 

Doris and Lucille plot to squash the budding romance between Sam and Ida, and the surprise appearance of 'cheap and cheerful' Mildred seems to help their ploy. The play is a delightful yet touching comedy filled with witty lines and fascinating characters.

Magenta's Artistic Director, Jaynie Roberts, is directing the production.

Well-known Portland entertainer Francine Raften plays Lucille, Amalia Alarcon de Morris plays Ida, Patti Reynolds (the lone Vancouver resident) plays Doris, Tony Provenzola the pursued Sam, with KC Cooper rounding out the cast as Mildred. Patti and KC were most recently seen in Magenta Theater's production of "12 Angry Women," Tony in "The 39 Steps." Francine and Amalia are making their Magenta debut in this production. 

Performances are: Evenings at 7:30 p.m., February 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, and March 1; 2 p.m. Matinees, February 23 and March 2. Tickets here.

Our Review will be posted Saturday, by noon.

[Editor's Thoughts: Is it still SW Washington theater if you have a token resident in the show? Or is it Portland theater presented in a Vancouver venue? Would I be covering Vancouver theater if the play was in Portland and all the players were from Vancouver? Hmm, I have to think this over. Where are my coverage boundaries and loyalties?]

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