Saturday, February 2, 2013

Battle Ground/Prairie Drama Teacher, Claire Verity, Awarded Teacher of the Year!

Claire Verity, "Teacher of the Year." Photo from Facebook.
Battle Ground School District drama teacher Claire Verity has just been awarded Teacher of the Year by the Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce. Our January 16, 2013 Artist Profile featured Verity, highlighting her history, teaching career, and passion.

Lisa Henry commented on the post saying, "Amen, amen and amen! Claire is one of the best teachers I have ever known, and her students go on to excel in their fields of study from Arts to zoology at prestigious universities. We in BGSD are so grateful for Claire's passion and follow through!"

To which I commented, "Thanks Lisa. And that just goes to: A) Show how important the Arts are in education, B) argue for merit pay, and C) beg the question: Why hasn't Verity been nominated for (or won) the "Teacher of the Year" award?" (I didn't know she had been nominated on January 7.)

That answers that.

Lisa Henry also wrote: "As my daughter stated in her letter co-nominating Claire (with Jason Perrins, principal; Sue Cranke, community activist; and myself) 'It's really easy to be a great teacher to great students. For example, if you're teaching an honors English course, then your students obviously care enough to do well in English. I'm grateful for these teachers who were able to take something I love and enlighten me even more in the subject.

The current show at Prairie-
Ground, directed by Verity.
"'But then there's an even greater teacher who takes the not-so-great students, and gives them a chance to fall in love with school. That's what Claire Verity does; she takes students that normally become overlooked and gives to them a purpose and meaning in their high school education. Claire cares for every student by name, and puts in countless unpaid hours to give these students, who sometimes have no where else to go, a chance to excel and succeed. The greatest part is that she inspires these students so much that they do succeed!

"'I dare you to name a more selfless, talented, kind, and charitable director in all of the State. And guess what? You can't.'"

Henry adds that "she was very humble and gracious as always when we presented her with her plaque last night."

This morning Verity wrote on the Prairie/Ground Drama Facebook page: 
"I share my Chamber of Commerce award for Teacher of the Year with the incredible students who inspire me everyday, the parents and friends who support the work, and the best family in the world who puts up with this crazy labor of love! Thank you all!"

See our story here about this truly inspirational teacher and dramatist.

By Gregory E. Zschomler


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    1. So very happy for our Claire. Thank you again for all of your support for Prairie Ground.