Monday, November 5, 2012

Serendipity Playhouse Wants You to See This

Please take a moment to read this open letter from Serendipity Players and view the link below. 

Dear Friends of Serendipity Players,

We are writing to ask for your help in this time of Thanksgiving.

Whenever you’re facing unforeseen stumbling blocks, the first thing to do is to gather all the information you can about the trouble. Here’s what has surprised our playhouse: in qualifying for a grant to complete the final cosmetic restoration on the exterior of our historical downtown space, a building inspection determined we must fine-tune some of the modifications we had already made to the interior of our theater.

To comply with these requests – regardless of continued eligibility for the grant – we must tweak changes to stage lighting, re-configure some of the seating, and meet other code alterations that seem minor, but are necessary to do.

Resilience will get us through this, but we’re going to need help. We are wondering if you would pledge or donate any small amount you feel is appropriate to help the theater meet the improvement deadlines and continue with our important mission. This money will translate into ensuring that barrier-free theater in the arts and culture of our town becomes part of the fabric to a vibrant and flourishing Vancouver.

You may submit your donation via several avenues. 1) Send a check to Serendipity Players 500 Washington ST, Vancouver, WA 98660

2) Donate using PayPal here, or 3) Join our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign and receive fun perks at: 

If you want to help in other ways besides financially, the are opportunities galore! Your construction or drafting skills are welcome. And we need people to spread the word. If you are on any social media sites, your sharing of this campaign would help us tremendously.

We are deeply appreciative for your past participation and support in helping launch our unique addition to quality performing arts in the region. Putting this unexpected hurdle behind us will mark an important turning point for the continued excellence that is Serendipity Players.

Here’s to a strong and exciting future for theater,

Sandra Geary

Tony Broom
Artistic Director

And the Board of Trustees of Serendipity Players: Cecelia Harper, David Crain, and Bob Pitman

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