Friday, April 13, 2012

NOW PLAYING at a Theater Near You (04/13/12): Magenta's "The 39 Steps" & Metro's "Anything Goes"

The 39 Steps & Anything Goes open.

Did you know it's considered bad luck to say, "good luck" in the theater? Instead, for good luck, you say, "break a leg." Makes perfect sense, huh? I don't know if I'd be brave enough to open a show on Friday the 13th--someone could break a leg--but here are two that are debuting today:

  1. "The 39 Steps" (see previous post for details) at Magenta Theater
  2. "Anything Goes" (see related post) by Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy
Based on my previous, but limited, viewing experiences with both companies my bets are on Magenta. If I could see just one show this weekend I'd pick "The 39 Steps." Of course, if you can see both, go out and support the teen cast presenting "Anything Goes" as well. And...

Break a leg.

Look for my review of "The 39 Steps" tomorrow (04/14/12) at noon.

By Gregory E. Zschomler

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